One of the secluded open-air cabins at the Caverns Inn; Peach Springs, Arizona. These cabins are something special – too bad an looming monsoon was hovering above us and spoiled our time there. 
A photo of the setting sun somewhere between Ludlow and Pisgah, California alongside Route 66.
One of the weirdest things that I have found in the desert to date.
We decided to drive down 20 Mule Team Canyon – an off-the-pavement route through Death Valley with hills and washes that take you up and down through the dusty off-road. Generally not a route tourists usually want to take.
We went around a curve, around a hill and saw this young woman on a rock posing with an imminent haboob (bad dust storm) rushing over the valley. Before we made it out of the canyon, visibility was about 6 feet with winds around 70 mph.
I hope she made it out safe.
Sitgreaves Pass, right outside of Oatman, Arizona along historic Route 66. This is not a cemetery, however there are cremains under the rocks. At this point, you can see the borders of Arizona, California and Nevada. It turns out this is not a graveyard, really. Jackie Rowland, vice president of the Oatman Chamber of Commerce, said the grave markers actually are memorials to deceased people whose cremains are scattered at the site. Sitgreaves Pass remains a popular stopping point because one can see the states of Arizona, California, and Nevada from there.
Rowland, who’s lived in Oatman for 27 years, says people have scattered ashes and erected memorials at the Black Mountains site for as long as she’s resided in the area. She said it’s not uncommon for friends of the deceased to hold quiet ceremonies, or folks throwing raucous “going-away parties” there. “We had one where there was a 21-gun salute,” she said.
The scenic overlook west of Route 66 doesn’t just mark the end of lives, either. “We have quite a few weddings up there, too,” Rowland said.
Hanging out with a little baby burro in Oatman, Arizona.
Such a lovely little town – 15-20 burros walking up and down the streets. It was really cute and a neat experience! Historic Route 66 runs right down the middle of Oatman, which has created a renaissance in the once-abandon town.
A very dark red Oak Creek outside of Page Springs – near Lo-Lo Mai Springs – from a monsoon upstream in Sedona. This water is generally super clear, but the rain washed the red Sedona dirt into the creek.
I have to say that this looks amazing.
Another Zabriske sunset. (at Death Valley National Park)
My favorite 58 mile stretch of nothingness.  (at Shoshone, California)
Some princess cut navel bar from Industrial Strength we have in. Other colors too! #velvetgripfamily #isbodyjewelry  (at Velvet Grip)
Guess the house. 1428 N. Genessee in West Hollywood. (at A Nightmare Elm Street House)
A special order for a customer; a 7mm yellow gold flower with 2mm marcasite  petals from BVLA. (at Velvet Grip Family)
A lonely grave in the Acton Cemetery.  (at Acton, California)
Released some mocking birds and Western scrub-jays with Sonny today. They were rehabilitated by the California Wildlife Center in Calabasas. (at California Wildlife Center)
Have not posted a photo of my work on here recently, so here is a forward helix with a 6 petal flower end on an 18g titanium flatback from Industrial Strengh. (at Velvet Grip Family)
Los Angeles from Chilao.